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Kit Thornton
The Mij Chronicles
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Soon after he came to live with my wife and I, Mij – a very special cat – began to keep a diary; a record of his life, in

photographs and anecdotes, explaining in his own inimitable way some of the positives and negatives of being a cat. 

These notes, which became known as the Mij Chronicles, proved very popular with many members of the family, and

friends who knew him, and so were distributed from Mij’s own e-mail address.  And he made friends easily; he was that

sort of cat.  After a while, as Mij became increasingly busy with his various other feline duties, he found less time to

devote to his diary, and then, suddenly and tragically, at the very young age of just fourteen months, the last of his

“nine lives” ran out.

To us he was indeed a cat in a million; in his all-too-short life he had wormed his way into our affections to an extent

that none of our other cats ever achieved.  It is as a memorial to Mij that I have collected together his diary notes and

his photographs, taken the liberty of doing a little editing where necessary, and added (as far as possible, in Mij’s own

style) some additional notes to accompany recent photographs.

I trust that Mij himself would have approved of this little book, which you can download here...

Kit Thornton


October 2013

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