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Kit Thornton
Short Stories
“As I gaze down on the sleeping girl my heart is filled with a strange mixture of emotions.  I am sad... although I barely recognise her... the sleeping girl is me.” Child of the Universe was first published in Competitions Anthology 2009, Sunpenny Publishing. (www.sunpenny.com) “I craved the siren’s call and yet I feared it...  I longed to hear again the mystical, soothing, terrifying voice from my mobile.” The Siren's Call was first published in Scribble magazine, Summer 2010. (www.parkpublications.co.uk) Read now... Read now... Read now... Read now... “Plick!  Something small and hard fell on my head... Thus began the strangest incident I have ever experienced in more than thirty years of walking in the hills and valleys around my home.” Tree of Ghosts won 3rd Prize in the Lady in the Loft Short Story Competition, October 2013. (www.theladyintheloft.webs.com) Read now... Read now... Dream the impossible! THE UNHAPPY TIGER ~  a fable  ~  “At the zoo, which in this fable we will call the Family Zoo, ... all of the tigers were content, more or less, except for one tiger who was very unhappy.” Read now... Read now...