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Kit Thornton
Notes on a Line of the Galloway Family
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This interesting book – Notes on a Line of the Galloway Family – is “parked” here temporarily for a friend until he is

able to move it across to his own website.

The book, which runs to about 180 pages, is the result of many years’ research into the ancestors of Geoffrey Lewis

Galloway (1908-1992).  In addition to four generations of the Galloway family itself, there is a great deal of information

on connected families, including Jenkins, Hutchinson, Wyatt, Daunt, Coffin, Mawby, Clossy and others.

Please respect this work (i.e. do not copy large chunks of it without fair acknowledgement), but otherwise feel free to

download the pdf file here…

Download PDF version Download PDF version Dream the impossible! 	A pioneering, but sometimes controversial Irish anatomist whose spirit is said to haunt the corridors of Trinity College, Dublin, carrying a bucket of human entrails. 	A governor of the Island of St Helena; and his grandson, a maritime adventurer who, at the age of sixty, lost his life to pirates in the South China Seas. 	A surgeon who, with his architect brothers, became a zealous supporter of the project in 1772 to build the impressive Pantheon in London’s Oxford Street. 	Another surgeon, based at the Madras Medical College, who was also a distinguished linguist and compiler of the “Dictionary of English and Hindustany” published in Madras in 1790. 	A Rear-Admiral (Royal Navy) who as captain of various ships in the early 19th Century was involved in a number of daring escapades. 	An officer in the Madras Cavalry who, after many adventures in India and Burma, rose to the rank of Major-General. 	An indigo planter; proprietor of three large concerns in Eastern India, who made his fortune and then retired to grow orchids in Cheltenham.    These are just a few of the many colourful characters to be found amongst the direct-line ancestors of Geoffrey Lewis Galloway lurking within the pages of this book.